Wilmington Tire & Wheel Alignment

We Put Your Wheels Back on Track

Drive With More Stability

If your car is pulling to either side while you drive, it most likely needs a wheel alignment. Wilmington drivers trust Atlantic Car Care to get their vehicles back on track by ensuring every tire is both perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each of your other tires. Our Wilmington wheel alignment team will make sure to restore your steering, suspension, and driving characteristics back to manufacturer standards so that your car operates more smoothly.

Maximize Your Car’s Efficiency

Our Wilmington wheel alignment experts take pride in providing you maximum efficiency while you drive. Often times, a vehicle that is out of alignment will wear tire tread out more quickly on one side of the tire. With our wheel alignment service, your car will have reduced tire wear, improved fuel economy, and an overall increase in safety.

Contact our Wilmington wheel alignment team at (910) 794-1390, or schedule an appointment online for your next wheel alignment!